Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle Servicing

At Elite Auto Electronics, we carry out full and comprehensive services.
WOF inspections are required annually for vehicles registered from January 2000, so keeping your vehicle in optimum condition is the best way to ensure your safety as well as preventing premature wear of internal engine components between WOFs.
Petrol vehicles need to be serviced every 10 000 kms or yearly.
Diesel vehicles need to be serviced every 5 000 kms or yearly.

We can organise Warrant of Fitness if due.

Elite Auto Electronics Ltd

1.Visual Check Air Filter
2.Visual Check Air Conditioning up Belt
3.Visual Check Battery Condition
4.Visual Check Brake, Number Plate & Reverse Lights
5.Visual Check Brake Lines
6.Visual Check Brake Pads & Shoes
7.Visual Check Charging System
8.Visual Check Cooling System Hoses
9.Visual Check CV Gaiters
10.Visual Check Headlights & Indicators
11.Visual Check Exhaust System
12.Visual Check Fan Belt
13.Visual Check Fuel Lines
14.Visual Check Radiator Cap
15.Visual Check Shock Absorbers
16.Visual Check Steering Rack
17.Visual Check Suspension
18.Visual Check & Polish Tyres
19.Visual Check Wheel Cylinders
20.Visual Check & Replace Wiper Blades (where necessary)
21.Check / Top up Anti-Freeze Coolant Fluid Levels
22.Check / Top Battery Fluid Levels
23.Check / Top up Brake Fluid Levels
24.Check / Top up Clutch Fluid Levels
25.Check / Top up Coolant & Radiator Fluid Levels
26.Check / Top up Diff Fluid Levels
27.Check / Top up Power Steering Fluid Levels
28.Check / Top up Transaxle Fluid Levels
29.Check / Top up Windscreen Washer Levels
30.Check Handbrake Operation
31.Check Horn Operation
32.Drain & Change Oil & Oil Filter

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