Electrical & Electronic Repair

car-alarmCar Alarms

At Elite we can carry out the necessary repairs to your alarm system. We can also supply and install a 5 Star Alarm, protecting your vehicle and its valuable belongings from theft. Whether for peace of mind or insurance purposes, fitting a 5 Star Alarm will enable you to have keyless entry including two remotes. This gives you the ability to turn your alarm on/off, and if your vehicle is equipped with power door lock motors, you can lock and unlock your doors by pressing a button.


Elite Auto Electronics LtdCar Audio Systems

It’s a universal truth that music makes everything better. When it comes to car sound systems we have the experience and know-how to repair your factory or aftermarket sound system, and ensure it sounds as good as the day you purchased it. We are also able to supply you with a replacement unit, should you require one.



Remote_central_lockingCentral Locking

Central locking is a great feature to have, giving you the convenience of keyless entry and remote locking. Most new vehicles have central locking as a standard feature, with the keyless entry incorporated in the key. We can repair most central locking issues, such as issues with transmitter unit (key), door motors, wiring and the receiver/control unit. Allow 1-2 days for repair.

Note: If you’ve lost your cars remote access key, we can supply and fit a new central locking system (with two remotes) to your vehicle, which can be more cost effective than replacing your car key.

WindowCutAWay1-1Electric Windows

Electric window failure can be caused by many issues, such as: misalignment of runners, faulty or burnt out window motors, window regulator & cables, switches, broken or shorted wiring and general wear & tear. Usually these repairs can be diagnosed and repaired within a day. If the part is beyond repair, we are able to procure replacement parts.



heater climate control01Heater / Climate Control

Having a comfortable temperature in your vehicle year round can mean the difference between enjoying your drive or it being a very long drive. Here are some of the possible reasons your heater / climate control is not working: the fan is not working, the heater core is blocked, the control valve is faulty, or the servo motor or main control unit is faulty. We will correctly diagnose and repair the fault, ensuring your comfort level is returned. Allow 1-2 days for the repair.